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Walking My Energy Back

On Thursday I was up for 24hrs working on a polling station and then counting the votes for the general and local elections. I think back to my 20’s where staying up all night at the weekend was a normal thing for me to do. I don’t necessarily think it is just because I am older that I notice the impact having such little sleep has on my well-being. I am much more attuned to what my mind and body likes and dislikes now and doing an all nighter has just left me feeling completely yucky.

So I decided to put on my favourite Merrells and go for a super long walk today to try and get some energy back. I feel so blessed to have such stunning scenery on my doorstep, within 10 minutes I am in the countryside with no roads in sight. I enjoy walking because it is such a good opportunity for me to process how I am feeling, to reflect on my week and where I am now. I easily get stuck in my head so walking feels like a good way to work things through without getting locked into my thoughts. I haven’t quite mastered the art of being all Zen and fully present throughout but I definitely get spine tingling moments, appreciating my surroundings and how grateful I am to live a happy and fulfilled life.




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