“The Enchanted Cycles workshop was a profound journey to self discovery and self care. I discovered so many things about myself and my body. A nourishing adventure which helped me open up to my potential”

“I feel I get the menstrual cycle’s sacredness, I feel the joy of it, I feel its power and creativity and I celebrate being female through my feelings and understanding of my menstrual cycle”

“Through the experience of Menstrual Cycle Awareness, I don’t experience pain during menstruation anymore, I have stopped taking paracetamol…I think paracetamol deadened the experience so now I experience my menstruation more and I experience my cycle more as a whole”

“I feel that Eshana is bringing something into being in her caring, supportive, wise, spiritual way that is extremely valuable for women”

“It has helped me love myself and my cycle more”

“It was awesome last night, thanks for your time and sharing this wonderful eye opener knowledge”

“I am feeling inspired and motivated to track my cycle. I am super aware of how much it can impact me so great to put more attention into watching patterns”

“I will be kinder to myself from now on….this is a game changer for me”

“I’ve just watched the talk on menstrual cycle awareness and it has blown my mind. I follow the natural family planning method and so I know the science behind menstruation but I’ve never heard it explained in such a positive light before! Kind of explains why I was such a mess last week too. I highly recommend watching it”

“I think we’re so used to being told that PMS is something that’s wrong with us… it was lovely to be told that we’re ALLOWED to feel our emotions. Very enlightening”.

“I wish I’d learnt about this years ago”