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Sat Nam

Hello from a super cute flat in Siolim, Goa. It’s morning here and I’m sat at a desk in front of a window overlooking some trees. I have The Staves playing in the background, the air is warm and I’m being cooled by an overhead fan. I have 2 frogs in the corner of the room keeping me company as well as a very large spider…. bizarrely I’m ok with the spider. I’m taking a chill day today as I got a bit red in the sun yesterday and I’m letting my body adjust to Indian food (say no more) AND it is the final day of me being 32.

This week has been so wonderful. Akil took me to the night market which was great, it was absolutely heaving and had such a party atmosphere. There were outdoor bars playing music and loads of cool stalls selling a variety of goodies from clothes, shoes, jewellery etc. We watched a band and I was amused by the Indian men enthusiastically dancing – they know how to party. A young western woman joined the dance floor and it was so interesting to observe how the young men interacted with her – she was one brave woman!

2015-12-03 10.40.14

After receiving loads of love and suggestions from friends back home about where to visit in Goa I decided to do a 5 mile beach walk from Morjim beach to Arambol. Sunglasses on, happy music in my ears and occasional stops for fresh coconut water  de-licious!

2015-12-03 10.17.38

I ended up doing this walk a few times and decided to stay over night the second time. This was my first experience of turning up somewhere and trying to find somewhere to stay – great practice for when I  move on to Hampi. I found a cute little beach hut which had a double bed, flushing toilet and shower – nice!

2015-12-03 10.53.00At sunset in Arambol loads of people come to the beach to bask in the stunning colours and beautiful reflections on the sea. A drumming circle starts around 5.30pm and all of a sudden you are surrounded by people juggling, hooping and swirling poi around – it was so lovey to watch whilst chewing on my fresh corn on the cob.


Arambol is a bit like a little hippie festival with loads going on. I took part in a belly dancing workshop and a kundalini yoga class. I really love yoga and meditation classes that involve chanting and this didn’t disappoint. At the end of the class we chanted Sat Nam which means “My Identity is Truth”, which was so well timed for me. Despite my outgoing nature I can be quite shy and introverted, so randomly going up to people and talking is a huge challenge for me. Sat Nam fused together thoughts I have been having of just showing up as me, being myself, I am enough.

This trip is very much about dealing with being on my own and an extension of this is developing the confidence to chat to random people. My issue is I hate doing small talk but I guess a conversation needs to start somewhere.

One last thing, my early birthday present to myself…. I have had a discoloured front tooth for over ten years which I really hate so I decided to do something about it. My India adventure starts with a healthy happy smile.

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