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Ride Through the Difficult Stuff

My international driving permit arrived today. I read quite a few blogs explaining that it is common to hire a moped in India to get around places like Goa and Hampi. So as I opened the envelope I was filled with excitement and dread. Not only have I never been on a moped before but my experience of being in a car / rickshaw / bus in India is that the driving is absolutely bonkers. There is no way I would drive on a really busy road so I am hoping the roads around these areas are a bit more chilled (maybe I’m kidding myself). I think I’ll assess it when I am there and hope that someone can give me a little riding lesson.

It got me thinking about how comfortable I am driving now and how scared I was when I first started learning. Everything seemed so difficult but the more I practised the more I was able to learn and get the hang of it. I took my test and then passed (second time) and now don’t think twice about driving. It is something I am relaxed and happy doing.

Right now travelling solo feels pretty out of my comfort zone just like when I was learning to drive. Actually, it’s quite a good metaphor. When I think of my trip I am scared at times and I’m not entirely sure how I am going to do it. But as time has passed and I’ve done a bit of research, I have become less afraid. When I actually get out there I am sure that it will all become second nature and I will go with the flow. It’s the same for self development stuff. I mentioned in my previous blog that I want to start challenging people and situations more if I am not happy with something. Well right now it makes me feel pretty uncomfortable and quite anxious, but the more I get used to being assertive the more likely the negative feelings associated with confrontation will decrease. So my Jerry Springer thought for today is to ride (my moped?) through the difficult stuff and I’ll soon get to a place where I am comfortable and happy with the situation.

Have you ever been on a moped….got any tips? Leave a comment below, I’d love to you know your thoughts.

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