If you are interested in learning how your menstrual cycle links with the cycles in nature, the lunar cycle and a woman’s life cycle then Jewels Wingfield Wombdala talk is for you.
If you are on an exercise or diet regime, this is a fantastic talk on how the menstrual cycle can impact your performance.


These Seasonal Goddess cards absolutely rock my world. They are my most treasured possession. I place them on my alter, and display the seasonal goddess that reflects where I am in my cycle – I absolutely love them. They have been created by Melanie Ward and you can buy your own set here.

I’m a huge fan of the Mooncup, I hugely recommend giving them a go, it is healthier for you, the environment and your wallet.

Peri / Menopause

Menopause and Peri-menopause – The Great House Clean


Chelsea become first football club in the world to tailor training to players menstrual cycle.


The absolute pioneers in the field of menstrual health and menopause – Red School

Enchanted Cycles Playlist

Enchanted Cycles Tracker

Chakra Journey

With thanks to Fia

Spring: Feet on the earth, supported by her, I’m safe in this body, I am

Summer: I am meeting you with an open heart, I am safe to love and be loved

Autumn: I release and I let go, I am opening my voice, my expression is wanted and needed in this world

Winter: Clarity, now I see, my intuitive nature is guiding me

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