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Dear Women, stop waiting for permission, you may never get it. The world has no template for your fullness, it must be taught by your example.

I absolutely love that quote by Isis Leor – she is such a great example of a woman who gives herself full permission to be herself.

I’m doing a really incredible 90 day programme with HeartIQ which has been helping me to develop my emotional hygiene, with myself and when in connection to others. I’ve found it to be a really powerful process.

One of the exercise invited us to list all of my desires, fantasy’s and sexual longings, things that I have done in the past or want to do in the future that I would be too embarrassed to share with others. The second part of the exercise was to see what shadow belief was operating underneath the words – enquiring into why this thing is embarrassing, or shameful, or considered “wrong”. The final part of the exercise was to share these with a buddy, which I did with a Beloved sister and I am quite blown away at the impact this exercise has had on my life.

What it has done is free up a lot of space and energy in my system. I’m not squashing these desires down, I’m bringing them out into the light, seeing, loving and accepting them. “Loving my humanity” as Christian Pankhurst from HeartIQ describes. I give myself permission to be that which I have been previously been rejecting, making me a more integrated person, taking ownership of my pleasure, my desires, my longings.

This process very much reminds me of my work with Psychosexual Somatics – as it is a process to uncover hidden beliefs that may be holding you back from having the intimacy, sexuality and connection that you deeply long for. Permission is such a big piece in this – do you give yourelf permission to be a sexual being, however that may look for you? And if you don’t have permission, why might that be? The work of PST can really help you unpick your sexuality, your desires, your longings so that you can step into the sex and intimacy that you most crave.

I’m running a special half price discounted rate until the end of July, for women who want to explore their sexuality and intimacy blocks. I’ve recently completely my course and want to continue getting more experience of working with the colourful palette of female sexuality – so if this sounds like you, then get in touch – you can contact me


Dear Women, stop waiting for permission, you may never get it. The world has no template for your fullness, it must be taught by your example.

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Menstrual Cycle Awareness, Exercise & Food

Did you know that your menstrual cycle will be impacting the way you exercise and eat? Even the Chelsea Women’s Football Team have clocked on to this fact and they now tailor their training around the players menstrual cycle. This growing awareness of the menstrual cycle makes my heart absolutely fill with joy.

Like most of the country, at the start of lockdown, I was in major binge eating mode – I could polish off a packet of hobnobs in lightening speed. Eventually I realised that enough was enough and so I signed up to Joe Wicks’ 90 Day Plan. I was drawn to it as it was a combined exercise and eating plan and it felt like a great way to bring more structure into my life, when the outside world was in a bit of a crumbling mess.

I belong to the community page for the plan and noticed that many women were struggling to do their exercise in their premenstrual and bleeding phase of their cycle. I felt a strong stirring in my heart to reach out to the community and offer my knowledge on cycle awareness so that they could make their cycle work for them and not against them. I posted in the forum and almost 600 women responded which highlights how much this information is needed.

Last night I had a lot of fun delivering the talk to some wonderful people within the community. I absolutely love witnessing the moment where this framework really opens people, showing them a new healthy and loving way to connect to themselves, their body and their cycle. Here is a flavour of what some people said about the talk:

“I will be kinder to myself from now on….this is a game changer for me”

“I’ve just watched the talk on menstrual cycle awareness and it has blown my mind. I follow the natural family planning method and so I know the science behind menstruation but I’ve never heard it explained in such a positive light before! Kind of explains why I was such a mess last week too. I highly recommend watching it”

“I think we’re so used to being told that PMS is something that’s wrong with us… it was lovely to be told that we’re ALLOWED to feel our emotions. Very enlightening”.

“It was awesome last night, thanks for your time and sharing this wonderful eye opener knowledge”

“I am feeling inspired and motivated to track my cycle. I am super aware of how much it can impact me so great to put more attention into watching patterns”

“I wish I’d known about this years ago”