Body, Mind, Reflection, Spirit

Mind, Body, Spirit

Last weekend I went to the Small World Festival in Kent. I try to go along to at least one festival a year and this one ticked so many of my festival wowee boxes. Firstly it was beautiful weather and it was only an hour away so the journey home wasn’t too savage. The site was super small so you could bimble away on your own discovering great things and then easily find people you know again. The music was stunning folkiness in the day and lively awesomeness later in the evening. I took part in a great contact dance workshop which was probably the most hippie thing I have done – ever! It was a great way to discover how comfortable I am when in physical contact with another person. Each person gave off a completely different vibe and as the context of each movement developed I found it fascinating how my comfort zone was challenged. Trumping all of that though was the incredible people I went along with, old friends and new. I love how each of my friends offer me so much nourishing in such different ways, feeding my mind and soul with everything that is awesome. Some of the conversations I had inspired some breakthroughs, allowing space for self acceptance around who I am within a group context. I’m really attuned to group dynamics and am very curious about my role in different groups settings – it was so special to be with these people. Another nugget of genius was a conversation I had around the challenge of balancing mind, body and spirit. I have solely been focussing on my body during and after the marathon which has been beneficial but it has dominated any other work around my mind and spirit. I’m very excited to go out and play and feed my soul with delicious creativity, friendship and love. Small World you rocked my world – mind, body and spirit 100% completely.

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