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Magical Munnar (Part 2)

Part one of Magical Munnar started 8 years ago where my love for India and mountains began. I went trekking with some wonderful women around the tea plantations in Munnar. It really was a special trip made possible by our trek guide, Senthil, who I kept in touch with. Since then I’m the 3rd person in the group to return to this magical land.

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I arrived in Munnar with as neutral as possible expectations. Surely there would be no way of recreating the incredible time I had 8 years ago? My trek started with a beautiful Australian couple on honeymoon.  I love the rich diversity of people you meet travelling. Each person has a little nugget of something that I take away with me. Whether it is something I learn,  something they say or just simply how they are gets absorbed.

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We started here at Top Station and hiked our way 12km down a mountain to a village. As soon as we walked across the bridge so many gorgeous memories floated through my mind. Like when we danced to music playing from the rickshaw,  played games with the children, ate food off of a banana leaf for the first time and hung out with the locals.

I remember getting really tearful that day because I felt so happy,  so overwhelmed with India,  with mountains and Indian people’s generosity and spirit. I remember thinking I’m going to come back here,  I was so full of energy and inspiration.

Back to the present day and the village is still gorgeous. The people are stunning, the children are beaming and the surroundings are breathtaking. It feels so special to be back in a place that unlocks so many happy memories that I had forgotten.

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