Love Workshop


Ever wonder why you go a little bit crazy when you meet someone new, why you can’t stop thinking about them and can’t get enough of them?

In this interactive workshop you will be guided on a magical journey where you will get to experience love and discover the answers to these questions. As we travel through the 3 stages of relationship, we will explore what happens to our brains when we fall in love and how this can impact our behaviour. I believe that when we bring awareness to the process of falling in love then we can love more freely, deeply and fully.

Check out the testimonials below to see what participants have said about the workshop.

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♥ Testimonials ♥

  • Elinor, BuckinghamshireElinor, Buckinghamshire

    I was impressed with Eshana’s energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge of the ‘chemistry’ of love. I was entertained and educated at the same time. Eshana made what could have been a dry scientific subject fun and personal. The workshop was packed with lots of thought provoking info and fun exercises that we all enjoyed. The time flew and I learnt lots of really useful stuff that helps me understand what really happens when we fall in love.

  • Matthew, WinchesterMatthew, Winchester

    I recently attended Eshana's one-hour love workshop. I was really impressed by how well researched it was, and the quality of the material on what happens in our brains when we fall in love: what neurotransmitters are mediating what behaviours and feelings and so on. On top of this, Eshana's engaging style and complete command of her material, the room, and how to put the ideas across in a fun style, with a bit of theatre when it is most needed, made it really enjoyable as well as informative. I trusted what Eshana was telling us as well as being entertained.

  • Rachel, BristolRachel, Bristol

    I loved your enthusiasm, dynamism, and humour, and your active style of presenting - standing, moving around, asking volunteers to hold things. You are a natural. It was always really interesting, attention-grabbing and unpredictable. I liked having to write down the words that came to us, it helped me really zone in on the one that best described my feeling. I admired how you dealt with challenges in the moment, clear-headed and without fear (apparently!). Also, the way you skilfully dealt with challenging questions - that was super impressive. I love experiential learning!