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Hello India

Hello from a gorgeous little cafe in Anjuna, Goa. Is it really day 5 and over a week since I left work – blimey – this week has flown by! I have been in one mega fluffy bubble since arriving in India, it has felt almost quite surreal… I’m actually here after such a big build up. Each day my feet are starting to land gently on the floor, days on the beach certainly help.

So what have I been up to? Well whilst in Goa I am staying with Akil, a lovely guy who has been hosting me as part of the couchsurfing website. It has been such a treat to be introduced to Goa by someone who lives and works here. When we first met he arrived on his motorbike. Imagine the image of me wearing my big backpack sitting on the back of this random guys bike – the first time ever on a motorbike….thank god he went slow. …Welcome to India!

Since then I have visited the Anjuna flee market where the ladies drive a hard bargain. I bought a load of clothes that I’ll probably never wear – let’s say my bartering skills at the moment are not great! I probably could have picked the clothes up from Camden market for a cheaper fixed price,  with less hassle and less heart wrenching guilt. I guess this is phase one in toughening up.

I have been to Little Vagator beach twice. The first time I turned up with my beaming white skin and instantly attracted loads of attention from the lady sellers. They saw my ‘chicken skin’ a mile off  (a lovely compliment whilst sitting awkwardly in my bikini…not). Well these lovely ladies kept me company for about 45 minutes…. I got henna, an anklet, pedicure – everything. When that was done they kept trying to get me to buy stuff – another anklet bought and they eventually left me alone. I have now definitely been Goa-ered. I went back the next day and as soon as they came near me I flashed all of my previous day purchases and then they suggested I needed my legs threaded (waxed). Luckily I said I don’t mind being hairy (a bit of stubble) and they left me alone.  Relaxing on the beach….hmmm…not quite.


I’ve eaten the most delicious food for outrageously cheap prices – seriously delicious. I’ve got into a bit of a groove with exercise by doing an hour long stretching routine and lots of walking and let’s not forget lots of sweating. I think I’ve just about detoxed from the past month of leaving parties. I’m a real creature of habit so like the little body moving routine I have got in to.

So underneath all of the experiences how am I actually feeling? I’m half chilled, half rabbit in the headlights scared. But if I sit with myself in the moment there is gorgeous chill out music playing and I’m sipping on ginger, lemon and honey tea – so what’s to freak out about?

I’m sooooo grateful for Goan sunsets, being hosted (looked after) by Akil, for being patient with myself and realising that my navigation skills are not so bad.

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