I spend a lot of my free time going to London and Brighton to do the things that I love. Although the workshops are the draw for me, I get the most pleasure from the people that I interact with, seeing familiar faces and feeling part of something.

I had the most beautiful realisation during a workshop at Buddhafield. I was working with a partner and the facilitator asked us to tune into what our heart most desires – I was blown away by the fact that my partner and I both shared the same vision…we both lived in a small town and we both wanted a local conscious community. As the workshop progressed I understood that instead of seeking community (ie travelling to London and Brighton all the time), I will CREATE it.

Conscious Collective – Surrey

As a starting point I have created a Facebook group to get the conversation and community vibes going. So if you are Surrey based, come and join in the fun – Conscious Collective – Surrey. ♥


I have set up a monthly 5Rhythms class in Dorking with the fabulous Neda Nenadic facilitating.  For more info check out Facebook  or Meetup or join our mailing list here.