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Clear it Up

If you don’t give voice to your likes and dislikes, to your feelings and your wants and your terms and conditions, then we will never know. If you don’t give voice to who you really are, then you will never know what’s possible. Don’t you deserve to discover what’s possible? You’ll have to answer this one for yourself.

I get daily emails from this incredible lady called Lori Fields who has a website called Your Worthy Self (rising to the calling of who you are meant to be). I love getting them and even read them out to my team at work…”today’s worthy note is…..” What’s even better is my favourite colleague and bestest buddy holds me accountable if I put myself down at all. She’ll respond and say “what is your worthy note…..?”

Today’s note is really relevant to me and a lot of conversations I have been having with friends about being assertive and not putting other people’s needs before their own. If something is bothering you about someone and you don’t say anything then you internalise it and give off a particular energy. Chances are if they didn’t know they had done something wrong before then they will pick up on the energy that you are projecting. The unspoken becomes a ‘thing’ between you both.

Yesterday I created a new affirmation for myself to not put other people’s needs before my own for fear of upsetting them and them thinking negative things about me.  After all,  I’m not a bad person…in fact I’m quite the opposite. This is a big area of development for me and one that will take a lot of practice before it becomes a natural way of being.

The simple but super challenging thing is to clear stuff up with people. If someone has pissed you off -tell them, if they’ve upset you -tell them, if they’re not meeting some kind of unexpressed expectation – tell them. Clear it up. Clear it up. Clear it up. I cleared something up tonight that I have been really stressed out about and now feel so much better. So this blog is a reminder to myself that even though this stuff takes practice it ultimately makes way for a happier and lighter way of being.  Clear it up. Clear it up. Clear it up. Clear it up.

If you like the sound of all of this then sign up to get Lori’s daily emails or follow her on Facebook. I love, love, love her and give thanks for my reminder, loud message and opportunity for resolution.

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