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    Taking the Rough with the Smooth

    So I just had a big cry – the super runny nose, shoulder sobbing, feel sorry for myself cry. I’ve been in Munnar for nearly a month and it’s time to move…

  • Body, Food and Drink, Mind, Travel

    Somethings Got My Goat

    I’ve never really had a particular attachment or connection with animals. I didn’t really have pets as a kid – apart from Archie-Bald the budgie that flew away and we looked after…

  • Body, Menstrual Magic, Travel

    Passionate About Periods

    Did you know that in many parts of rural India women are excluded from taking part in their normal day activities when menstruating – not being able to enter the kitchen,  touch…

  • Mind, Travel

    Inner Engineering

    I’ve been in India for 2 months now and thought it was about time I got my spiritual pants on. That almost sounds like it’s a disconnected part of me,  I’m no…

  • Exercise, Travel

    Magical Munnar (Part 3)

    My heart is beating out of my chest. As we are so high up my left ear has half popped so the sound of my shallow breath is amplified. My thighs are…

  • Exercise, Travel

    Magical Munnar (Part 2)

    Part one of Magical Munnar started 8 years ago where my love for India and mountains began. I went trekking with some wonderful women around the tea plantations in Munnar. It really…