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    Feels Like Home

    6 weeks I’ve been home and my roots are re-planted, my branches are strong and my smile is blossoming. The mountains I fell so deeply in love with become a distant memory, my tan…

  • Mind, Reflection, Spirit, Travel

    A Taste of Tantra

    I just spent the most beautiful fluffy 3 days on a tantra workshop. Tantra? I hear you say….how very exotic. My tantra journey began a few months before I went off on…

  • Mind, Travel

    The Voyage Within

    Do you know when you receive something at just the right time or someone says something you’ve been needing to hear? Well I woke up to an email this morning, beautifully written, from…

  • Mind, Travel

    Shame and Motherhood

    If something you read evokes a strong reaction,  you can make a strong bet that something is happening on a deeper level within you. I’m reading a great book about vulnerability and…