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  • Love, Spirit

    Intimacy, Inner Mothering & Eshana

    Intimacy Being fully present to what arises, dropping the masks of doing or getting, showing all that I am, showing my vulnerability without getting hooked into story. Holding and soothing my inner…

  • Love, Spirit

    I Found the One

    YES! I found the one. …and of course, that one is me. Little Lesley has been directing a lot of energy outwards towards men in order to receive love. In realising this…

  • Body, Love, Mind, Spirit

    My Body is Defrosting

    Back in January I attended the follow up seminar of my 18 month Living Tantra Training and… I got married, well sort of. There was an invitation to partner up with another…

  • Love, Sexuality, Spirit

    Feeling Vibrant in my Stillness

    I’ve been a total stress head recently and can’t seem to feel grounded, I’ve been comfort eating and alcohol has crept into my lifestyle again after a long dry spell, I’m exercising…