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  • Sexuality, Spirit

    The Emergence of your Sexual Self

    “Your sexuality is the foundation of who you are – the low hum undercurrent of being alive” – Kimblerly Ann Johnson. How does it feel to read that statement? 5 years ago…

  • Love, Spirit

    So Let Go of the Shadow

    …..with thanks to Olivia Fern – The Moon’s Song I went for a walk under the moonand I asked her for a song, to guide me onthrough the darknessthrough the darkness. The…

  • Body, Love, Sexuality, Spirit

    How to Follow your Heart

    2 years Eshana, What an epic path that’s unfolding…. How to listen to the depth of your longings and respond to the call of your heart : Breathe – the path of…

  • Body, Sexuality, Spirit

    Body, Breath, Emotions and Pleasure

    For women…. finding the divine starts with finding their body, feeling their breath, feeling their emotions and allowing themselves to be wracked with unbearable pleasure. David Deida Yuuuum, this delicious quote popped…