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  • Body, Love, Sexuality, Spirit

    How to Follow your Heart

    2 years Eshana, What an epic path that’s unfolding…. How to listen to the depth of your longings and respond to the call of your heart : Breathe – the path of…

  • Body, Sexuality, Spirit

    Feeling Colours

    Colours that make me glow with radiance from the inside out. Colours that make me experience the soft waves of oxytocin like making love. Colours that connect me to my inner knowing…

  • Body, Love, Sexuality

    The Cauldron of Sexuality

    It’s in the cauldron of sexuality that all of our fears and vulnerabilities arise. Mike & Louise Lousada When you slow everything right down and strip away the fancy thrills, put the…

  • Body, Sexuality, Spirit

    Body, Breath, Emotions and Pleasure

    For women…. finding the divine starts with finding their body, feeling their breath, feeling their emotions and allowing themselves to be wracked with unbearable pleasure. David Deida Yuuuum, this delicious quote popped…

  • Sexuality

    Women, Sexuality, Shadow & Permission

    Dear Women, stop waiting for permission, you may never get it. The world has no template for your fullness, it must be taught by your example. I absolutely love that quote by…