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  • Love, Sexuality

    Exploring the Path to Motherhood

    I’ve always felt a kind of freedom in not having a strong desire to have children. It has meant that my life choices have been open and relaxed. My choice of partner…

  • Sexuality

    National Orgasm Day

    Le petit mort, little death. That moment of complete surrender and expansion. Mmmm delicious. BUT Did you know that it’s actually quite common to be unable to experience these orgasmic states. Shame,…

  • Sexuality

    I Got the Job

    I am beyond over the moon and excited that I have got a job teaching Sex Education in schools. Many years ago I managed a large youth centre for 5 years and ran…

  • Sexuality, Spirit

    The Emergence of your Sexual Self

    “Your sexuality is the foundation of who you are – the low hum undercurrent of being alive” – Kimblerly Ann Johnson. How does it feel to read that statement? 5 years ago…

  • Body, Sexuality

    Pleasure is Healing

    I’m enjoying spending time with different people and inviting them to notice what is bringing them pleasure in this moment. I’ve been so nourished by the responses, whether it is a physical…