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    I Literally Just Howled at the Moon

    Hoooooooooooooooooooooowl In my previous blog, I spoke about the link between my inner critic and unexpressed anger. Earlier today I could feel the build up of chatter in my mind, my inner…

  • Body, Love, Mind, Spirit

    My Body is Defrosting

    Back in January I attended the follow up seminar of my 18 month Living Tantra Training and… I got married, well sort of. There was an invitation to partner up with another…

  • Love, Mind, Spirit

    The Past in the Present

    I’m sat at my desk in my bedroom, my eyes are closed and a beautiful soothing female voice is guiding me inwards. She encourages me to take big deep belly breaths in…

  • Body, Mind

    Self Care

    You may have noticed that I’m a bit of a fan girl when it comes to self care and self love so I got really excited when I came across this gorgeous little…

  • Body, Exercise, Mind, Reflection, Spirit

    Into the Wild

    So I decided to go to a sober festival, full of creative workshops all on my own. Before going to the festival I sat on my bed circling which workshops I wanted to go…

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    I feel shit, I feel more than shit, I’ll go as far as using the d word….I’ve been feeling pretty depressed for a while now with a hearty side order of anxious.…