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Menstrual Magic

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    Sensual Summer

    Over the past four years I have tuned into the gifts of my menstrual cycle. It has been a natural unfolding, bringing new awareness and insights, casually collecting the patterns of my…

  • Menstrual Magic, Spirit

    Playful in Spring

    Using the seasons Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn to track my menstrual cycle has been life changing. Recognising that each season brings a different quality, a different energy, different gifts to cultivate,…

  • Love, Menstrual Magic, Spirit

    Enchanted Chocolate

    When I discovered that Aradhana of Enchanted Chocolate had created Moon Chocolate with the invitation to “enchant your moon cycle with raw chocolate medicine with herbs and superfoods to support the seasons…

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    Goddess Rising

    I’ve been reading an awesome book called Love Your Lady Landscape by Lisa Lister and it has been inspiring the pants off of me. For example she say’s that feelings, you know…emotions,…

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    The Period Coach

    I’m talking about periods again, period. I like observing patterns and realised that for the past 3 months I have really struggled with PMT, mainly to do with my mood and negative…

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    Passionate About Periods

    Did you know that in many parts of rural India women are excluded from taking part in their normal day activities when menstruating – not being able to enter the kitchen,  touch…