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  • Love, Menstrual Magic

    Competition and Sisterhood

    When I was younger, I learnt to compete with my older sister to receive love. What I learnt was that if I am the shiniest, the brainiest and the most creative then…

  • Love, Menstrual Magic

    Craving the Masculine

    For the past 5 months I have noticed that there is a specific time in my menstrual cycle where I seek external comfort and holding from the masculine. Reaching out for support…

  • Menstrual Magic, Spirit

    I Didn’t Get The Job

    Around this time last year I created a presentation for a job interview and used chocolate as part of the talk. It was an outside-in presentation where I fitted myself to the…

  • Menstrual Magic

    Gifts of Awareness in Autumn

    Ahhh Autumn, a deep dive into the darkness of the underworld. My cycle awareness journey started because I would be such an emotional wreck at the end of my month, experiencing suicidal…

  • Body, Love, Menstrual Magic

    Sensual Summer

    Over the past four years I have tuned into the gifts of my menstrual cycle. It has been a natural unfolding, bringing new awareness and insights, casually collecting the patterns of my…