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  • Love, Spirit

    Intimacy, Inner Mothering & Eshana

    Intimacy Being fully present to what arises, dropping the masks of doing or getting, showing all that I am, showing my vulnerability without getting hooked into story. Holding and soothing my inner…

  • Love

    Why Saying No is So Hard

    Something very alive for me right now is my struggle around the word No.  Now seems to be the time to look at this as I’m getting a big jab of awareness…

  • Body, Love, Spirit

    Stepping into my radiance

    I spent a majority of my 20’s completely out of it, wasted, off my face. I would drink at least a bottle of wine a night and at the weekends would party…

  • Love, Spirit

    I Found the One

    YES! I found the one. …and of course, that one is me. Little Lesley has been directing a lot of energy outwards towards men in order to receive love. In realising this…

  • Body, Love, Mind, Spirit

    My Body is Defrosting

    Back in January I attended the follow up seminar of my 18 month Living Tantra Training and… I got married, well sort of. There was an invitation to partner up with another…