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  • Love, Sexuality

    Exploring the Path to Motherhood

    I’ve always felt a kind of freedom in not having a strong desire to have children. It has meant that my life choices have been open and relaxed. My choice of partner…

  • Love, Spirit

    So Let Go of the Shadow

    …..with thanks to Olivia Fern – The Moon’s Song I went for a walk under the moonand I asked her for a song, to guide me onthrough the darknessthrough the darkness. The…

  • Body, Love, Sexuality, Spirit

    How to Follow your Heart

    2 years Eshana, What an epic path that’s unfolding…. How to listen to the depth of your longings and respond to the call of your heart : Breathe – the path of…

  • Body, Love, Sexuality

    The Cauldron of Sexuality

    It’s in the cauldron of sexuality that all of our fears and vulnerabilities arise. Mike & Louise Lousada When you slow everything right down and strip away the fancy thrills, put the…

  • Body, Love, Mind, Sexuality

    Is Psychosexual Somatics for Me?

    In Psychosexual Somatics (PST for short) we believe that all sexual challenges have an underlying emotional root cause. It is only by addressing both the mind, emotions and the body, and by…