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    Into the Wild

    So I decided to go to a sober festival, full of creative workshops all on my own. Before going to the festival I sat on my bed circling which workshops I wanted to go…

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    Somethings Got My Goat

    I’ve never really had a particular attachment or connection with animals. I didn’t really have pets as a kid – apart from Archie-Bald the budgie that flew away and we looked after…

  • Body, Menstrual Magic, Travel

    Passionate About Periods

    Did you know that in many parts of rural India women are excluded from taking part in their normal day activities when menstruating – not being able to enter the kitchen,  touch…

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    My Life Changing Year

    Today I sat peacefully on a cliff top overlooking the sea with Stretch. He commented on how calming yet powerful the waves were. I love a good cheesy metaphor so said that…

  • Body, Mind, Spirit

    Striving for Perfection…No Thanks!

    Facebook memories displayed a picture from 2011, I had just been to the hairdressers and I felt pretty good about myself. When I look at the picture now I am struck by the contrast…