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  • Menstrual Cycle Awareness, Menstrual Magic

    Premenstrual Permission

    Do you experience overwhelming emotions, irritability, depression, sensitivity, mood swings, anger, anxiety, fearfulness, intolerance, frustration or a heightened inner critic just before your bleed? Imagine that you had a monthly safe container…

  • Love, Spirit

    So Let Go of the Shadow

    …..with thanks to Olivia Fern – The Moon’s Song I went for a walk under the moonand I asked her for a song, to guide me onthrough the darknessthrough the darkness. The…

  • Body, Love, Sexuality, Spirit

    How to Follow your Heart

    2 years Eshana, What an epic path that’s unfolding…. How to listen to the depth of your longings and respond to the call of your heart : Breathe – the path of…

  • Body, Love, Sexuality

    The Cauldron of Sexuality

    It’s in the cauldron of sexuality that all of our fears and vulnerabilities arise. Mike & Louise Lousada When you slow everything right down and strip away the fancy thrills, put the…