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My story starts on 1st January 2015. I woke up feeling awful, I had the biggest hangover and felt so bad about myself.

I spent my 20’s working hard and navigating my way into my 30’s living quite an awesome life. I built up a successful career as a Youth and Community Worker and then as an Arts Officer. I had meaningful friendships and had achieved things that I felt incredibly proud of. Despite all of this there was a huge part of my life that I had been neglecting – my physical health. I exercised on and off but never consistently found a way of maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle that left me feeling good about myself.

1st January 2015

1st January 2015

So after dragging myself out of bed on the 1st January and looking in the mirror, I thought ‘I don’t wan’t to be like this any more’. I took a picture as a reminder not to get back to this point and started planning on how I was going to change my lifestyle.

I read a series of books that taught me how to cook healthy and delicious food. I decided to train for a marathon which meant that I needed to fuel my body to get enough energy to run. I was also attending weekly psychotherapy which helped me recognise why I hadn’t previously valued myself enough to nurture my body and take care of myself.

2 months in to my healthy lifestyle

2 months in to my healthy lifestyle

So this is where my blog started, I completed my marathon, I lost a stone and I allowed myself to feel. My blog was a way to keep that momentum going, to encourage me to experiment with food, with exercise, with a healthy way of life and to have fun in the process.

As my healthy lifestyle and therapy process developed, the nature of my blog evolved. Reflections of mind, body and spirit became the inspiration. A travel section was added when I decided to quit my job and explore India for 6 months. Then chapter three of this blog emerged as I began investigating love, intimacy and relationships. 

This blog is all about self care, love and compassion. Through my sharing I hope to demonstrate that change can happen if you are willing to be patient, be kind to yourself and be ready for a challenge. I’m living proof that a bit of self nurture can transform your life. It is time to love and care for yourself.

Are you with me….?

Super ♥


India – December 2015

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