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Power + Vulnerability = Empowerment

Our inner seasons of spring and summer are a period of ‘healthy egoic development’. We are expanding, rooting ourselves out in the material world, stepping into our power and claiming our energetic space. The positive aspects of our psyche shine, connecting to the outside world, sharing our gifts, being seen…here I am world, I am amaaaaazing.

I’m in my inner summer and I had a little chuckle to myself yesterday as I observed my ego saying “you’re great, you’re amazing, you’re really good at this, you’re the best”. On one hand, it is very lovely that my inner chatter was so positive. I recognised though that if I had fed that voice then it would have become an inflated sense of self.

One of the best and possibly one of the most kick my ass hardcore lessons I have learnt this past year is that with expansion can come a period of contraction. The more I can feel the blissful, joyful connection of life, the more I experience the depths of my own pain. The more I step into my power, the more of my vulnerability will emerge.

The menstrual cycle models this beautifully. Once we have built ourselves up through spring and summer, the laws of nature then nudge us into Autumn. All that has been built in the first half of the cycle then gets stripped bare. It’s like consciousness knows it is not healthy to stay in the fullness of our egoic state so it draws our energy inwards, forcing us to slow down, to see what isn’t working, stripping our ego, letting things go and moving towards emptiness. The reward is that in the emptiness of our inner winter, we can experience bliss, melt into existence, be in connection with love, with the divine.

For me, being an empowered person is about being able to experientially know the fullness of my power, my wholeness, my epic awesomeness and to hold it in balance with the depths of my vulnerability, my shadow, my pain, my terror. The menstrual cycle allows you to experience both sides, the light and the shadow. Through awareness you can integrate the experience of power and vulnerability, bringing a beautiful empowered humbleness to your human experience.

I’ll be sharing more about menstrual cycle awareness at an event called Pamper Day for the Soul in Brighton on 6th October in Brighton alongside 5 other wonderful women. For more information visit our website.

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Dating as a Spiritual Practice

Swimming in a reservoir, getting wild amongst the long grass, picnics under a large oak tree, sipping fresh mint tea whilst munching on homemade snickers – wowee, dating is

After three years of being single and a deep dive into understanding what love is, I’d say I’m now primed for dating. I know what happens to my body when I fall in love, I understand my attachment system, I have a complete re-framing and understanding of my sexuality. So, it’s definitely time for me to put all of this learning into practice beyond a workshop context and go out into the real world. Hurrah.

There is only so far you can go on the path of discovery alone.

I keep saying to people that dating feels like the ultimate spiritual practice, exploring myself in connection with these delicious humans. Uncovering the truth of who I really am, who I believe myself to be, what limiting beliefs I may be holding in relation to the other. Can my radiance shine from within, do I feel alive in their company, am I relaxed, am I shut down and fearful? Am I in my adult woman, or do I shrink like a child? Am I playful, can I communicate freely and express my desires with calm confidence? Where are the connection points – are we in our mind with lots of words or can we just rest in the silence between us. How readily does my heart open or contract. Where are the areas of separation? Where do I feel not good enough, where does shame pop by and say hello, where am I giving my power away? All such wonderful golden nuggets of awareness.

I’m flexing my dating muscles by asserting my boundaries, turning up the volume on my inner father if I get a sense of a situation not serving me. I was talking to a man and he kept bringing sex into the conversation very early on. It became clear to me that this is not what I want in my interactions and so I expressed that with respect and moved on. I met one man who I never would have had the confidence to meet before my love enquiry. I met another man who I had a beautiful connection with. I observed as my attachment system got activated – getting swept up in the sea of hormones which took days for my nervous system to settle back into equilibrium. It is so fascinating – dating… there is soooo much that goes on under the surface when relating with another person. I’m so flippin grateful to have the awareness tucked into my back pocket.

Just show up is my motto, whether I am low energy, feeling ecstatic, embodying a total Goddess or feeling body conscious… just show up and be me. Not the pretending to be a version of me that I think might get me love. Just the organic me in the moment, the sometimes shy, sometimes hyperactive, sometimes grounded human being me.

Dating as a spiritual practice…I like this ♥

Ooooooh so YUM.