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How to Follow your Heart

2 years Eshana,

What an epic path that’s unfolding….

How to listen to the depth of your longings and respond to the call of your heart :

Breathe – the path of the heart takes great courage, breathe into the edges, soften your body, feel into your heart, front and back.

Slow down – experience your aliveness, witness your inner movements, notice which parts are driving your body and influencing your longings.

Open and surrender – gift yourself with the experience of feeling your humanity. Feeling your joy, your pain, your strength, your tenderness. Allowing your heart to be cracked open by life again, again, again and again. Take pleasure in your tears, your rage, your laughter.

Self intimacy – get to know yourself so well that when your heart calls, it’s impossible to ignore it. Cultivate a loving relationship with your body, know when and how you open and contract. Enjoy the exquisite pleasure that our bodies can offer us.

Community – know your wholeness as an individual and also know that the greatest healing happens when we are in connection with others.

And of course, a whole heap of love beaming in all directions 🧡

Body, Sexuality, Spirit

Feeling Colours

Colours that make me glow with radiance from the inside out. Colours that make me experience the soft waves of oxytocin like making love. Colours that connect me to my inner knowing and my intuition. Colours that connect me to Gaia, feeling my own nature, grounding me, connecting me to the earth. Colours that make me feel like a woman who knows her power. Colours that send me into belly laughter, that make me feel playful with a cheeky sparkle in my eye. Colours that make me blissed out, activating spontaneous hand mudras, connecting me to my core essence, resting in my heart. Colours that make me feel invisible and small, exhausted and dissociated. Colours that relax my breathing and feel like a smile to my nervous system. Colours that make me feel alive with pleasure, connecting to my womb and improving my posture.

Wow – just wow!

When I booked in for my Feeling Colours session with Alison, I never imagined that colour would have such a strong impact on me. I guess I was arriving with some gentle skepticism, thinking that colour wouldn’t particularly move me, coupled with an enthusiastic curiosity around the process of finding out which seasonal colour palette I was.

When you wear your true colours, your experience of life changes, your experience of yourself changes.

Alison is such a gorgeous magical creature who guided the process with such presence. She has a gift for active listening and attuning, whilst gently dropping in love beams of encouragement and affirmation. Alison invited me to close my eyes whilst she draped beautiful fabric across my shoulders in different colours. She asked me questions to help me tune into how I felt, how I experienced the colour and how this would impact me in my everyday life. I felt lovingly held and free to explore my experience where at times I danced with the elementals, felt aroused, felt drained, felt ecstatic – a whole spectrum of my human experience was witnessed and accepted. In hindsight, being the energetically sensitive human that I am, I’m not surprised I had such a rich and varied experience.

My colour palette is Autumn which I suspected may be the case. I have such a strong affinity with autumn, the colours, the meaning of this time of year and the power of the inner season of my menstrual cycle. It was also the season that came up strongly in my Akashic Soul Reading with Carly Manjusri Roberts.

I felt some resistance when Alison encouraged me to swop my silver jewellery to gold, bronze or wood. I’m a stuck in my ways, creature of habit and have worn silver since I was a teenager, wearing the same ring and necklace all of the time. I boldly stepped out of my jewellery wearing comfort zone and have found so much joy wearing gold earings and a ring. They definitely feel more ‘me’ than the previous items I was wearing.

Since the Feeling Colours session I have enjoyed going on a little shopping spree to buy new autumnal coloured clothing. It feels like a much easier more pleasurable experience when I know what colours to look out for. What I have loved most is buying underwear in these colours – as someone who has always worn black underwear, I am amazed at the difference I feel wearing autumnal coloured panties – something a lover even noticed too – which made me chuckle…colour really does make a difference. Alison explained that the items of clothing that sit closest to your skin (so underwear) will have the biggest impact on your state of being. That will explain why my favourite socks are my red fluffy walking socks.

So if you’re curious about which seasonal colour palette you are. If you’re interested in how you feel wearing different colours and want to learn which ones to wear to help you come into alignment with the real essence of YOU…then I hugely recommend having a Feeling Colours session with Alison. It has had a truly joyful impact on my life.